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IT Support & Preventive Maintenance Backup, Scanning, Maintenance, Upgrading, Wifi, Nodes Monitoring ...

In the real world our PC’s or laptops get sick due to getting glitches caused by hardware errors due to lack of maintenance, PC crashes haphazardly, PC becoming really slow, virus, errors and many more.

Let us become your PC physician to diagnose and treat the symptoms every time by performing the following;

  • Software updates, cyber-crime protection, consultancy, software maintenance, hardware maintenance, virus scanning, bugs/error scanning, backup.

We also offer full IT services to any set of business and companies that lack an IT expect, we provide solutions to any IT failure. We will manage all software and platform updates, backups and bug fixes plus the following;

  • Maintenance of Hardware, Software and Networking
  • Email server support
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Virus protections and security
  • CCTV camera Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Telephones
  • Consulting and Support